About Cirque Kitchen & Spirits - Meet The Team

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Cirque Kitchen will introduce bold and transcendent food that takes taste, texture and the overall dining experience to new heights

We inspire to create consistency of experience, but not of taste, striving to keep things evolving for a consistent adventure. We guarantee not a mundane menu, but rather an adventure of taste and amazing, reliable experience, all for a great, affordable price.

In the heart of Denver, CO, we seek to build relationships and keep guests coming back for more adventures on the front range.

Cirque will offer scratch cooking, sustainable sourced ingredients, and seasonably appropriate food, providing guests an unforgettable experience.

Brandon Becker

Owner + Chef

Chef Brandon has had the opportunity to work with many other top chefs, including Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty (Food and Wine best chef, 2005). He has worked his way across the country and ended up here in Denver in 2013 where he quickly moved up the ranks and became Executive Sous chef at 1515, Atticus, The Rosedale. He has also worked as Executive Chef  for Black Bird Public House, Red Square European Bistro, and  The District. Flavor, presentation and community have always been Becker’s passions and he wanted more autonomy to create those elevated experiences. Becker is excited to put his passions to work, providing creative world street food with his food truck or a custom experience of taste through private catering. Join him for an experience of a lifetime with his community building pop-up dinners that break-down all the common ideas of dining out.
Brandon Becker from Cirque Kitchen & Spirits preparing food for the people of Denver.
John Lugovich from Cirque Kitchen & Spirits welcoming hungry customers.

John Lugovich

Owner + Facilitator

Briefly attended Cook Street School of Culinary Arts. An accredited sommelier, John has had a long-time passion to open a food truck. With impeccable taste and an understanding of great flavors, he knows how to work a palate and seeks to inspire guests in the right direction on cuisine and flavor. Chef Brandon and John have a trusted relationship when it comes to food and enjoy working together.